Sage Intacct has the power to generate massive amounts of ROI for your organization - sometimes as high as 250% . . . but only about 50% of organizations see a positive ROI at all from their ERPs. The good news is that with even one or a couple of Sage Intacct integrations, you could generate that mouth-watering level of ROI. To that end, we’ve developed this Sage Intacct integration guide so you can unlock your ERP’s full potential. Read on to find our more about how Sage Integrations can help your organization thrive. 

What Is a Sage Intacct Integration?

First, the fundamentals: what is a Sage Intacct integration?

A Sage integration is an additional piece of software that is integrated directly into your ERP, enabling that software to access and leverage the data captured in your Sage Intacct system.

Working in tandem, you can combine two separate platforms to create a very powerful ROI driver. Together, these two systems are often able to accomplish much more than they would be able to alone. 

A Sage integration often benefits your organization with:

  • Automating processes
  • Enabling your data to be parsed and analyzed
  • Uncovering oversights or gaps in your system (it’s possible that there are entire departments that were left out during your Sage Intacct implementation, for instance)
  • Sage payroll integrations speeding up and supporting your HR management efforts
  • Unlocking faster, more accurate FP&A

And more.

Organizations too often implement their ERP and step away. What they’re left with is a powerful system that benefits their organization, but one that is not delivering on its full promise. Sage integrations can save your organization hundreds of hours each year and potentially uncover hundreds of thousands of dollars in hidden costs, for instance, leading to a massive boost in ROI. Your ERP is a treasure trove of valuable, rich data that, when paired with the right Sage integration, can lead to a variety of organization-wide benefits.

The One Sage Integration You Need 

There are a variety of Sage integrations available on the market, each providing unique and specific benefits. But if there’s only one Sage Intacct integration that you leverage, your best bet is a Sage Intacct FP&A integration. 

That’s because with a single Sage Intacct integration, you can:

  • Save hundreds of hours of your finance team’s time
  • Uncover 100s of thousands of dollars in hidden costs
  • Unlock deep insights into your financial data
  • Automate your FP&A process, reducing errors
  • Develop long-term planning strategies, maximizing the output of your resource allocation efforts

How can one Sage Intacct integration accomplish this? That’s because, for most midsize businesses, they’re stuck performing FP&A with small business tools. 

Excel is the FP&A tool of choice for small businesses. And it’s a perfectly adequate tool at that stage. After all, small businesses may have a dozen or two spreadsheets to cover a handful of budgets, departments, revenue streams, etc. 

But as you grow to mid-size or even enterprise level, Excel is quickly overmatched. Dozens of spreadsheets becomes dozens of hundreds, requiring your finance team to spend an inordinate amount of time transferring data to these spreadsheets and verifying that that data is accurate. Data integrity verification alone can take hundreds of hours depending on your size, and can balloon out of control if an error is made in an earlier version of the report or budget, requiring a total do-over. 

This is a frustrating, time-consuming, wasteful process that denies your organization valuable insights because your finance team is dealing with monotonous tasks like data input and verification, with the added drawback of hurting your finance team’s morale. 

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These are finance experts, after all, not data jockeys; it’s a waste of their unique skills and expertise to have them drown in a deluge of spreadsheets when they could be analyzing the data and delivering key insights to your organization that can inform all manner of business activities from workforce planning to resource allocation to risk mitigation. 

While Sage Intacct does a lot to help with data consolidation, it doesn’t eliminate the above problems. To the contrary, these issues can be exacerbated with Sage in some circumstances. For instance, data transfer from your Sage Intacct to the Excel sheets adds another layer of a) slow, monotonous work and b) a new process that is prone to error. 

This can be especially painful as your finance team may have already done in-depth analysis on the data . . . only to have to restart the entire process due to an error in the transference process. 

These two systems operate as silos; that’s a problem. New accounts are sometimes not even entered into the ERP and instead kept in Excel. In other words, entire segments of organizations have not had their data incorporated into the organization’s ERP, sapping the effectiveness of financial planning and analysis, and leading to inaccuracies. 

Worse yet, if this was happening at your organization you wouldn’t even realize it.

These aren’t theoretical - we encounter organizations with these problems throughout the year. 

One FP&A Sage Intacct integration can prevent all the above issues – even better if it’s a cloud FP&A platform. More and more organizations are choosing cloud-based ERPs precisely because it necessarily preempts the two issues above. 

With a cloud-based FP&A Sage integration, your data will be updated in real time, across your organization, and all transferring will be automated. Better yet, clear audit trails on the cloud allow you to determine who made what change when, making it easy to source inaccuracies and quickly right them before they can cause downstream consequences during your FP&A process. 

The Sage Intacct Integration that Improves Budgeting and Forecasting

We’ve already gone over at length some of the specific benefits of Sage Intacct integrations. But the major barrier for most organizations is implementation. They want to know cost, time, potential to disrupt other systems, etc. 

The good news is that the best Sage integrations are designed to have true seamless integration. That means that within days you can have access to all the benefits we’ve outlined - without any service interruption or downtime. 

Even better, since most finance teams have at one point or are currently using Excel in some capacity, the best FP&A software is designed to resemble the Excel user interface - keeping what works and improving on what doesn’t. This ensures that your team’s transition to using new FP&A software is seamless and without costly downtime. 

More importantly, a Sage Excel integration replacement will be able to enhance your FP&A with a lot more functionality than what you’re getting out of Excel. These upgrades include:

  • Robust planning tools
  • Effective collaboration tools (cloud-based FP&A platforms)
  • Privacy (can assign specific budgets to specific teams, limiting visibility so that only those who need to see certain data sets are able to)
  • In-depth data analytics
  • Scalability with cloud

Among others. 

Let’s go more in depth on some of these specific benefits. 

Long-term Planning

A Sage integration for FP&A can help your organization connect strategic, financial, and operational planning so you can create cohesive, synergistic long-term financial strategies.

This can’t be done with Excel - point blank. Most organizations often find that Excel planning and budgeting is underperforming expectations - even with the powerful tools offered by Sage. 

But with a Sage Intacct empowered by an FP&A integration, you’ll be able to develop in-depth forecasting plans. This includes comprehensive what-if scenario planning that can not only inform of trends and developments within your organization, but help you plan out how to allocate resources so as to maximize their return as well as help with risk mitigation

Here’s an example of how you can maximize ROI with Cloud FP&A: let’s say you were to have two separate departments. With the right Sage Intacct integration, you can run a what-if scenario using your existing data to accurately forecast the potential return of allocating more resources to one department over another. This helps make data-driven business decisions that can help you outperform competitors. 

More Collaboration, More Accuracy

Forget having to go back and forth on data integrity for dozens of hours; cloud-based FP&A software that integrates with your ERP ensures that your numbers are accurate and updated in real time, pulled directly from your ERP and latest inputs. 

The cloud is also fantastic at facilitating collaboration through commenting, audit trails, version history, etc.

Cloud FP&A gives you far more clarity into your data, so you can confidently assess your financial situation and make decisions according to what the data supports. 

This puts an end to GIGO - garbage in, garbage out. Your planning and analysis efforts will only ever be as effective as the data that is fed into them. The best Sage Intacct integrations guarantee data accuracy.

Sage Excel Integration

While Excel does have its limitations, virtually every finance team has at one point or another used the application. But this can create an awkward situation where Excel is no longer up to the task of handling your organization’s FP&A, but your team is reluctant to transition to a totally new system that requires months of onboarding and training. 

A Sage Intacct Excel integration replacement eliminates all these worries.

Due to Excel’s ubiquity, some FP&A software Sage Intacct integrations are created to mirror the look and feel of Excel while filling in the gaps and providing higher degrees of functionality. 

That way, your finance team will feel comfortable from day one using the new Sage Intacct integration. 

Sage Intacct Budgeting and Forecasting Tools

It’s worth noting that not all FP&A integrations for Sage Intacct are created equal; some are able to perform budgeting tasks, while others are able to perform both budgeting and forecasting.

The simple fact is that you will not be able to realize full ROI from your ERP without the forecasting abilities. It’s never advisable to work with a budgeting tool only, and instead better to implement a robust FP&A platform that can integrate with your ERP. That way, your Sage Intacct budgeting and forecasting software will be able to provide a variety of insights and comprehensive planning functionality that will ensure your organization is making data-driven business decisions.

Sage Intacct Integrations Partners

There’s a comprehensive list of Sage Intacct integrations partners, outlining the best and most trusted integrations that you can implement alongside your Sage ERP. We are proud to have our software listed among the Sage Intacct integrations partners. This speaks to our familiarity with the system as well as noted ability to seamlessly integrate with your Sage without delays, missteps, or errors.

The Best Sage Intacct FP&A Tools 

In order to help your organization thrive, we’ve put together a list of the best Sage Intacct FP&A tools.

Our pick for the ideal FP&A software integration for Sage is, naturally . . .

Limelight Cloud FP&A Software

Limelight is your all-in-one financial planning, forecasting, and reporting web-based workspace. It seamlessly integrates with Sage Intacct as well as a variety of other systems such as HR, Payroll, and customer relationship management (CRM) to consolidate all your organization's financial data, improving speed, accuracy, and the FP&A process as a whole. 

With Limelight, you’ll work within a modern, user-friendly interface that is easy to manage and accessible from anywhere in the world and on any device. 

Limelight combines the best of Excel and the web, automatically consolidating financial and operational data so it’s that much easier and faster for your team to perform their FP&A tasks. Real-time data allows for immediate analysis and collaboration across your organization. Accelerate FP&A business processes by ridding your organization from manual data entry, giving your team its time back. 

Your Sage Intacct account can be connected with many pre-built platforms, but among your Sage Intacct integration options, few can accomplish more with fewer barriers to implementation than Limelight. Limelight will seamlessly connect with your Sage Intacct account, meaning the benefits will arrive in days, not months.

Limelight Cloud FP&A Software - One of the Leading Sage Intacct Integrations - and the Only One You'll Need for FP&A

If you want to get the most out of your Oracle Sage Intacct, then you want Limelight Cloud FP&A Software.

Limelight Cloud FP&A Software is a Sage Intacct integration that can:

  • Save your team hundreds of hours during FP&A processes with automated data consolidation
  • Update data in real-time from your ERP
  • Provide in-depth audit trails to ensure data integrity
  • Uncover hidden costs, leading to massive savings
  • Support planning activities like risk mitigation and what-if scenario modeling
  • Interrogate data to reveal rich insights that in turn can inform business critical decisions

Get a free demo and see how with one integration you can access the full benefits of your Sage Intacct ERP. Or check out pricing for top-of-the-line FP&A software.