Philadelphia, PA – December 15, 2022 – SolomonEdwards, a leading consulting firm, and Limelight Software, a Cloud-based FP&A provider are pleased to announce the launch of their new partnership. Through this partnership, SolomonEdwards and Limelight will combine their value-added services and innovative technology to bring new efficiencies to the Office of Finance. Together we will eliminate outdated practices and bring the latest tools & insights to streamline finance teams. 

Sridhar Kuppa, Principal of SolomonEdwards’ Transaction & Regulatory Advisory Services (TRAS) practice, says, “We are thrilled to partner with Limelight as our new FP&A partner. As an industry-leading provider of corporate performance management tools, Limelight will allow SolomonEdwards to offer our clients a suite of industry-best accounting and finance software, state-of-the-art equipment, custom solutions, and unparalleled service.”   

Brian Markley, CPA, SolomonEdwards’ Executive Vice President and TRAS Managing Partner, added, “This exciting partnership with Limelight will position SolomonEdwards as one of the most trusted professional services providers in the market. With over 90% of Limelight’s customers based in the US –and our premiere presence throughout North America– this new strategic alliance between our companies will take us to the next level, as we continue to welcome new partners, elevate our FP&A services and expand our geographic reach.” 

Inder Seth, CEO of Limelight, says, “This partnership will provide immense value for the clients of SolomonEdwards and Limelight. With access to both top-of-the-line consulting services and modern FP&A solutions, this partnership will transform organizations by giving time & control back to finance departments. We are eager to solve some of the biggest current problems that businesses face with our technology and SolomonEdwards’ reach and expertise.” 

About SolomonEdwards 

SolomonEdwards specializes in blending people, processes, and capabilities to achieve critical business objectives and help clients succeed. Since we have walked in our client’s shoes and know the challenges they face, we are able to ingrain ourselves in their businesses to become trusted advisors who work to deliver strategic expertise, present proven project delivery models, and design custom solutions to solve their business problems and help them flourish in the evolving marketplace. For more information, please visit 

About Limelight Software  

Limelight is the leading cloud FP&A platform headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and operating internationally. Founded by CEO Inder Seth and CTO Jade Cole, Limelight seeks to transform the role of the office of finance by making the FP&A process easier while turning finance teams into decision-makers within their organizations. Limelight is an all-in-one financial platform that integrates with numerous ERP systems. With Limelight you can budget and forecast with ease, create reports in minutes and generate insights in real-time. For more information, please visit 


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Thomas Sword, Account Executive & Partner Representative