Limelight is pleased to announce our new integration with the Sage X3 platform. Sage X3 users can now integrate their ERP data seamlessly with Limelight and enjoy the whole array of Limelight’s unique and expansive FP&A features. Sage X3 will join other Sage Group products in Limelight’s growing list of ERP integrations.  

More than just an Excel add-on, Limelight is an easy to use, client-tailored, cloud-based collaboration center for all your budgeting, forecasting, and reporting needs. Limelight increases the speed of data gathering by 75% and produces reports 50% faster than static spreadsheets, even when add-ons are used.  

How? Limelight's innovative technology unifies business data directly from ERPs and external data, removing tedious data gathering processes. Limelight then stores, organizes, and manages that data in an advanced data structure which enables real-time access of data sources within Limelight, no more exporting files when updates are made. Since all the data is centralized, users can manipulate their data directly in Limelight as a single source of truth, allowing teams to collaborate on dashboards, forecasts, budgets, scenarios, and reports. Businesses can make confident decisions and act on data with richer detail and more time for analysis. 

Perfect for industries ranging from manufacturing, construction, healthcare, financial services to SaaS, Limelight can speed up the budgeting process and enhance profitability for any mid-sized or enterprise organization that uses it. Our client-tailored process ensures that the customer receives the solution that is best suited for their needs whether they offer veterinary services, or transportation policy advice.  

Unlike static spreadsheets which are laborious to update and confusing to operate, Limelight allows an organization to retool their financial processes to be fast and resilient rather than slow and rigid. The world changes daily and now the finance department can keep up. Limelight lets users explore their data through filters, roll-ups, and drilldowns for deeper insights. Reporting is automatically produced from a single source of truth, eliminating uncertainty across the organization. Limelight’s real-time data updates, audit trails, rolling forecasts and more restore trust in the budgeting process, facilitate collaboration and give finance teams more control and confidence than ever.          

Limelight has been a partner of Sage Intacct since 2018 and is proud to integrate with another version of their excellent ERP Suite. For more information about Limelight and its ERP integrations speak with one of our Solution Experts or check out our listing in the Sage Marketplace.