Spreadsheets, spreadsheets, and more spreadsheets… manual processes… disconnected departments… these are just some of the realities of today’s finance teams, but they don’t have to be. There is a better way to manage finance on a day-to-day basis and it’s called Limelight - a complete, cloud-based application that simplifies and automates everything from data collection to spreadsheet management to budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and more.

Here are the top six benefits of moving to the Limelight system:

1. Everything You Love about Excel and More
Take everything you love about Excel and add even more powerful and intuitive features. Going to the Cloud and beyond adds more features and usability to spreadsheets to unlock deeper insights. 

2. Smart and Fresh Interface
Built-in logic and a fresh look inspired by modern web design and financial applications.

3. Data Exports and Uploads have Never Been Easier
A few clicks are all it takes to export your Limelight templates and reports to Excel and PDF and upload your Excel spreadsheets to the system.

4. Connect, Comment, and Collaborate
Opens the lines of communication among your team with an easy-to-use commenting and collaboration tool. You'll never have to use long email threads to establish who contributed what to which spreadsheet again.

5. Interactive Reporting and Graphing
Gain access to your data and financial performance metrics faster with enhanced visibility and real-time insights.

6. Syncs with IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft
Limelight integrates automatically with your existing ERP software and presents a fresh, modern approach to planning and analysis. All of your financial information is standardized and centralized in one place. 

The list of Limelight’s benefits doesn’t stop at six and can transform the office of finance entirely. Book a demo of Limelight today to see more.


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