Insurance companies are managing billions of dollars of claims at any given time and are finding that there isn't enough time in the day to perform all the necessary manual tasks involved in data stewardship. Insurance companies must collect data from multiple sources and departments and add it to spreadsheets or manually build reports in Microsoft Excel. There are also potential risks of costly errors that arise when doing these tasks manually. One number entered incorrectly in a spreadsheet could cascade into a million-dollar catastrophe.

There’s a faster and more accurate way to collect important data and create reports that are saving insurance companies time and money. Limelight is a fresh, modern, complete web-based financial management platform that reduces the time finance teams spend in spreadsheets. Less time in spreadsheets means more time to focus on generating revenue – and that’s what really matters!

Why insurance companies love Limelight:

  • Centralize information for a complete view of financial information.
  • Automate manual processes including calculations and reports to reduce the risk of expensive errors.
  • Shift time from consolidating spreadsheets to understanding data.
  • Get the best of Microsoft Excel in an intuitive and easy-to-use financial planning and reporting platform.
  • Collaborate and stay up-to-date with team members and departments using built-in communication tools.
  • Make financial information readily accessible to stakeholders and clients without worrying about security.

“Before Limelight, we were constantly struggling to make sense of our financial data and get a clear picture of our corporate performance. Now we see where we are and where we’re going very clearly – it has truly been a game-changer for our finance team and the company as a whole.”
-          SVP, Finance, Large Insurance Company

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