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Trend Up in a Downturn: How Non-Profits can use Cash Flow Forecasting to Thrive in Q4
Cashflow Forecasting as a Compass  Are you running a non-profit organization and feel like you’re sailing without a map? The ...
Alexander the Great leading his forces at the Battle of Issus in a mosaic depiction from the 2nd century BCE.
4 Historical Figures Who Would Have Loved Cloud FP&A
Technology makes life so convenient that it is difficult to remember what things were like before. Most of human history, how...
Three people are riding in a paper boat with two of them rowing with oars while the captain looks ahead with a briefcase and a telescope.
Pivot in Minutes: 3 Steps to Implement Rolling Forecasts
More and more CFOs and finance leaders are acknowledging that today’s business environment requires agility in planning to ac...
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Top 3 FP&A Platforms for Non-Profit Organizations
 So, you’ve read about the four reasons why non-profit organizations should switch to Cloud FP&A and are now wondering wh...
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BI Software Vs. Cloud FP&A Software: What’s the Difference?
Two people organizing food donations to a non-profit organization.
4 Reasons Why Non-Profits Should Switch to Cloud FP&A
Non-profit organizations are always looking for ways to cut down on administrative expenses so they can focus all their atten...
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4 Reasons Why SaaS Companies Need Cloud FP&A
So, you’re the CFO of a SaaS company and your business is established and has already experienced some success. You have a fa...
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3 More Benefits of Cloud FP&A for Manufacturing Firms
As we’ve previously discussed here at Limelight, there are many benefits available to manufacturing firms that make the switc...
Overcoming Challenges in Balance-Sheet Forecasting
 Organizations everywhere are looking to take charge of their future by using data to back up their decisions and plan more s...
Top 5 Benefits of Cloud FP&A Over Traditional Spreadsheets
Growing companies are always looking for new ways to innovate, cut costs and expand. Sometimes, one of the best ways to innov...