Leadec UK Selects Limelight for Financial Planning, Forecasting & Reporting

Leadec UK has been providing outsourced services to the automotive sector for decades. Leadec UK’s finance team had always used spreadsheets to plan, forecast and report and had long experienced the risks, challenges and limitations that come with manual, spreadsheet-based planning.

In order to continue to support their clients in the competitive and ever-changing commercial environment of the automotive and transport sectors, they recognized that they needed to modernize, centralize and accelerate their financial planning processes. That’s when they began to look for a solution and discovered Limelight.

Limelight surpassed the other financial planning and analysis solutions the Leadec UK team evaluated. The Limelight looks and functions like a spreadsheet, while eliminating pain points and improving productivity, visibility and collaboration. The Leadec team was also impressed with Limelight’s robust labor planning capabilities. They chose to move ahead with Limelight as their partner.

“We’re confident that Leadec UK will experience significant benefits from selecting Limelight as their financial planning and analysis solution, including reductions in budget cycle times, broader visibility into their data, operational efficiencies and more. We look forward to a long-term partnership with Leadec UK,” says Limelight CEO, Inder Seth.

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