Large U.S. Financial Services Company Implements Limelight

Time is a very valuable commodity in the financial services sector. The industry leaders that can translate “what-if” scenarios into actionable insights the fastest will have a strong competitive edge. And being bogged down by having to retrieve data across several systems just in order to forecast business performance levels stifles enterprise-wide productivity.

The burden of spreadsheets and manual processes has plagued many of the top financial institutions today. One client searched for a tool and essentially stopped looking because they couldn't find anything that was malleable to fit their needs and one that wasn’t so time consuming to manage.

Once this finance team switched over to Limelight, they found how easy it was to view, build and publish budgets, forecasts and reports in one single web-based application. 

Here are 5 primary reasons why financial companies choose Limelight

  1. The ability to leverage their existing Oracle Hyperion Essbase models.
  2. Limelight provides one clean interface for a user to do their planning, forecasting, reporting and analysis
  3. Enhanced visibility and collaboration within the team and the ability to track changes.
  4. Centralizing, storing and managing all templates and reports.
  5. Leveraging Excel though a web-based platform.

Limelight has already helped increase productivity and garnered phenomenal buy in with internal users finding the application very intuitive. Not to mention implementing a faster and more accurate way to collect important data and create reports - saving them time and money.

To book a demo of Limelight for your company and start leveraging your data, click here.


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