Is it Time to Move Your FP&A Processes from Excel to Limelight?

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Finance teams that use Excel for their FP&A process are increasingly finding that static spreadsheet software cannot keep up with the changing demands of their business. They are looking for a new FP&A solution that meets the needs of their growing, complex business while maintaining ease of use and access. Cloud FP&A solutions solve these problems by simplifying processes and giving finance teams more time for analysis and other value-added activities.

Some common Excel pain points include a lack of data centralization, multiple data-entry errors, and difficulty consolidating data into one report. Finance teams are all too familiar with the experience of spending hours trolling through disparate spreadsheets trying to find information in data silos. They are also familiar with the cascading errors that can result from data-entry errors that are hard to detect until it is too late. All of these problems add up to not having enough time to analyze data and provide insights for business growth, key value-added activities for the finance team.

Use our flowchart infographic below to help decide if now is the time to move your FP&A process from Excel to Limelight. 

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Making the switch to Cloud FP&A can be an integral part of taking your business to the next level.  

Read our blog about the top ten reasons why finance teams are making the switch from static spreadsheets to Cloud FP&A. 

If any of the issues described above apply to you, you should consider moving to Cloud FP&A from static spreadsheets.

If you want to see more ways Limelight can help you budget, forecast, and report faster than ever, schedule a demo here. Get access to an integrated and automated process that will allow your business to continue scaling with Limelight.


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