1. Limelight
  2. Martus
  3. Sage Intacct Planning
  4. Workday Adaptive Planning
  5. NetSuite Budgeting and Planning

Every dollar counts in the non-profit sector. Grant funding is tight, resources are precious, and achieving your mission is paramount. But financial tasks like budgeting, grant tracking, and forecasting can be complex and time-consuming.

Cloud-based FP&A software offers powerful tools to streamline processes, gain valuable insights, and make informed financial decisions. This guide explores the top 5 cloud FP&A solutions tailored for non-profit organizations, helping you choose the best fit based on your specific needs.


Key Considerations


How well the software integrates with your existing accounting and financial systems.

Business Modeling

Flexibility for modeling grants, funds, and projects.

Non-Profit Experience

Specific expertise and customer base in the non-profit sector.

Price $$

Finding the right balance between features and cost is important for non-profit budgets.

Setup Time

How quickly you can get up and running.


Top 5 Cloud FP&A Software for Non-Profits

  1. Limelight

    • Strengths: Goes beyond FP&A basics, offering an intuitive interface, robust planning & forecasting, detailed workforce planning, and affordable pricing – all tailored to empower non-profits.
    • Ideal for: Organizations seeking a tailored FP&A solution with a user-friendly experience.

NFP Budget Template SS

2.  Martus

  • Strengths: Streamlines budgeting through real-time collaboration and empowers in-depth reporting
  • Ideal for: Smaller non-profits with a desire for sophisticated reporting.
3.  Sage Intacct Planning (SIP)

    • Strengths: Seamless integration with Sage Intacct accounting software, budget and scenario planning tools.
    • Ideal for: Organizations already using Sage Intacct and prioritizing a unified financial ecosystem.

    4.  Workday Adaptive Planning

    • Strengths: Enterprise-level solution with robust planning, modeling, and reporting capabilities.
    • Ideal for: Large non-profits with extensive FP&A requirements and the resources for a comprehensive platform.
    • Workday Adaptive Planning Functional P&L sheet.

    5.  NetSuite Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS)

    • Strengths: Integrated with NetSuite ERP, offers budget creation, forecasting, and "what-if" scenario analysis.
    • Ideal for: Organizations using NetSuite and seeking a streamlined FP&A solution.
      budgeting and forecasting dashboard

Making the Right Choice

Choosing the best FP&A software involves careful consideration of your organization's specific needs and budget. Evaluate each option based on the criteria above and request demos to see the software in action. Remember, the right FP&A tool can transform your non-profit's financial management, freeing up time and resources to focus on your mission.

Investing in the Future

Investing in cloud-based FP&A software is an investment in your non-profit's future. By simplifying financial processes, providing valuable insights, and enabling data-driven decision-making, these tools can empower your organization to achieve greater impact and sustainability. Take the time to explore the options listed here and find the perfect fit to elevate your non-profit's financial performance.